Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9 of 31: Getting my Bathroom in Order

Overall I felt my bathroom was pretty organized.  Under the sink I have cute little bins and each drawer has plastic organizers.  If I need something I know right where to look because all the hair stuff has its own place and all the sunscreen has its own place, etc.  However, just because things are where they need to be doesn't mean that my bathroom is completely in order. 
 I opened a drawer yesterday to get some lotion and realized that there were two empty little lotion bottles in it.  They were where they needed to be, but that made me curious....how many of the other things, that are where they should be, are empty, out-dated or unnecessary?
So I went through all my drawers and cupboards to see how much stuff I could throw out.  What did I find? Some pretty random things and a lot of trash.  We have only lived in this house for 2 years and I know I didn't bring trash when we moved, yet I threw out:  two old tooth brushes, a very empty tube of toothpaste, 4 bottles of expired children's medicine and their boxes, two old retainers (yeah, that used to go in my kids mouth's), four empty shampoo/conditioner bottles, 3 old razors (eww, sorry I shared that one), 3 expired prescription bottles, two bottles of nail polish that would not even open anymore, an empty deodorant and an old contact case. 
That's pretty cluttered for an organized space.  
It didn't take me very long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, but now there is a lot less junk in there.
I wonder what can be found to throw away in other areas of my house?

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