Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6 of 31: Getting my Bootie Back in Order

For Day 5 I mentioned our work out area in our garage.  Before we went to Hawaii we decided we were going to try a popular work out routine.  I have never been overweight and really can hide most of my problem area with clothes, but there is no hiding bingo wings and a muffin top in a swim suit.  90 days later I felt so much better and I was ready to face Hawaii and a swim suit without any shame (except the blinding white skin, but I have red hair so that isn't going away anytime soon).  However, after the motivation of our vacation was gone and the craziness of school started back up again I have kind of gotten a bit relaxed on my exercise schedule.  Did I say a bit relaxed?...Ok, so I haven't worked out since we got back.  How could I do this, I spent all that time and sweat.  There were nights when the only time I had to work out was at 2 in the morning and I still did it.  In fact there were a couple times where I woke up on the garage floor after falling asleep during the ab workout.  Now my muffin top is resurfacing and I feel super gross.  So I am starting up another round.  To help me out I organized our work out area a little more.

I added a white board to remind me of the workouts and hopefully I can add something motivational to it every once in a while.  I also organized our workout discs so I can find them all easier.   Day 1 will start on Monday!  Even though this is more ordered than it was before, I know it probably still isn't very exciting to look at so here are some more inspiring work out areas I found on pinterest.

             Source: via Jake on Pinterest
                   Source: via Debra on Pinterest
                Source: via Shanda on Pinterest
                  Source: via Davina on Pinterest

Maybe someday my workout area will be this beautiful, until then I will just work on that muffin top. 

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