Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5 of 31: Getting my Garage in Order

This past summer we went to Hawaii with my whole family.  When we first got our plane tickets we decided that we wanted to be in our best "Hawaii Worthy" shape.  My husband decided to turn our garage into a work out area.  We have a three car garage, but for some reason he thought we should park my car outside to give us more room (his truck is always outside since it is too long for the garage).  That was back in March.  You would think that not having the car in there we would have tons of room.  However, I think there must be some physical law that states the more room you have the more room you will use.  Since we had all that space we started leaving more things in there.  An unfinished project here, yard equipment there,......  It got to the point where I was constantly stepping over things just to get into the house.  And on top of that my car constantly needed to be washed.  So instead of having one side full of junk and the other side a work out area, I cleaned out the junk side and reorganized all the stuff laying around.  Then I moved the work out area to the middle and had plenty of room for my car on the other side.  There is no way I would show you the before of this one, I didn't even like to look at it and I had to, but here is the after.

While  I was at it I relocated our recycling center (I got these recycling bins online for free- woo hoo) and even replaced a lightbulb in the garage door opener that has been out for 6 months.  Now that is getting something in order! :)

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