Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 of 31: Getting my Office in Order

Just as a little background, I have two sons (13 and 9) and I teach at two online universities (Science).  I am on my computer half of the day and running around like crazy doing things for my kids the other half.  I use my office/craft room everyday.  And that is why my office looks like this.....
(I am so embarrassed, but this is about renewal right)
 Let me explain a little of the chaos for you.  Pile of trash near the chair is from making resistance buckets for my kid's swim team.  Those are the wrapper for the straps.  Had about 20 minutes to sew them before practice so the trash stayed there.  Other stuff on the floor is from my last craft that I finished just before we went to Lake Mead this past weekend so the clean up on that one had to wait as well.  Desk is full of stuff for teaching, kids school papers, craft stuff, sewing stuff, .....stuff, stuff, stuff.   Sometimes I would rather just work on my computer on my bed. 
Since so much of my life is in here, it really needs to have some more order. 
 It took all morning, but it's all put away and clean now.  Actually most of it is in a big trash bag. 
 All the past papers were filed or thrown out and the ones I need to remember are on my bulletin boards.
 I updated my calendar.  That is probably the first time I have gotten to it at the beginning of the month all year. 
And the magnet board has all of Donald's school calendars and reminders.
It feels so much better in here.  Now I just need to keep it this nice, at least for the rest of the 31 days. 


  1. I love that you were honest about your "before." There's something so powerful about that! Thanks very much for sharing.

  2. Your "after" looks fantastic!