Friday, September 14, 2012

No more under the sink mess!

I don't know what other people do but my whole life I have lived in homes where we saved the little plastic bags that groceries come in so that we can reuse them for small trash cans or picking oranges from the back yard or guests carrying home their wet swimming suits, etc.   Every time we go to the store we have the same in the fridge and throw the bags under the sink.  It has gotten to the point where all I can see under the sink is a huge mass of plastic bags. more!  I am done with the massive bag mess.  We finished off a #10 food storage can of sugar and I had some left over material from a baby shower gift so I figured out a solution.
I cutified the can by hot gluing the material around it, cut a slot in the lid and voila...I have a beautiful plastic bag dispenser for under my sink.  I was amazed by how many bags I can fit in it and how much space it saves under the sink.