Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Re-purposed Pallet

I just love making something cute out of something free.  A couple weeks ago Don got me one of the old pallets laying around at his work and we tore it apart.  Then I placed some of the boards together and put two support boards on the back to attach them to.  I sanded them (and almost stained them, but I really liked the old look they had, although the stain would have looked nice as well).  Then I painted some clothespins (the only part of the project that I had to spend money on) and hot glued them on the boards.  Then all that was left was to add in the pictures.

I've added a white fabric handle to the top so I can hang it a little higher and I might add a vinyl title to it, but I still need to figure out exactly what I would even have it say.  The best part is that the pictures are only clipped on, not permanent, so I can change them anytime.  I think I may put up all Halloween pictures in October and all Christmas in December.  Perhaps "Seasons Change" may be a good title; we'll see.  Right now I just have some older random pictures of things that make me happy.

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