Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Magnet Boards

I had an old frame that I wasn't using anymore because the picture inside it was so outdated, but the frame was still cute so I got a sheet of galvanized panning from Home Depot and cut it with my kitchen scissors and there you have it...a magnet board.  I hung it just to the side of my fridge, that way I can still see all the reminders of upcoming events, but they don't have to clutter the fridge and fall off every time I open and close it. 
 After I made mine a friend of mine said that she had a long wall in her hall that she wanted to put one in so that she could organize her kids things for school and around the house.  A few weeks ago my brother in law was having a garage sale and came across an old frame his roommate didn't want anymore so he gave it to me.  As soon as I saw it I thought of my friend's hall.  So I painted and distressed it and made her a magnet board of her own.
So if you ever find an old frame, even if it is straight from the 70's, don't count it out.  Just paint it a fun color and it can be something very functional again.

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