Friday, August 31, 2012

Big frame with little frames

Don't you just hate when you have an image in your brain about something that you want, but then you look everywhere and you can't find it, or you can't afford it?  One of my favorite things is when I have a situation like that and then am able to create something on my own that fits exactly what I imagined.  At the end of June my whole family went to Hawaii.  I just got a really nice camera for mother's day so I set up the tripod and got some nice family photos.  Then when I got home I really wanted to display them nicely.
I have frames all over my house, but that just didn't seem big enough.  I didn't want a whole bunch of smaller frames everywhere, I already have a frame collage in the hall way.  Instead we decided to make a frame to fit one of the walls over the couch.
 So we used base board, staples and black spray paint and made a 4 ft. wide frame.
 Then we cut a piece of beadboard we had left from our kitchen and I painted it the same color as the wall and attached the frame to it.
 Next I got 4- 10x14 frames and put the four pictures I wanted in them.  Then I attached the four frames with some removable velcro strips, that way I can change the pictures out without ruining the frames or the beadboard. 
 Voila!  Big, sturdy frame that fills the wall.  I think next we might put some sconce lights on each side of it.

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