Sunday, August 26, 2012

Armoire Redo

So it had really gotten to the point where every time I walked into my room I cringed at the sight of my TV.  It was on a glass stand, which itself wasn't bad, but the outrageous amount of cords all up the back looked so cluttered that there really was no way to make the area look nice.  I decided we needed something, a TV area face lift.  I was sick of the video games and movies and remote controls and everything else that would accumulate near the electronic device that I have an extreme love hate relationship with (the hate is stronger than the love actually).  To Craig's List I went to find a good sized armoire that I could refinish to cuteify (sometimes I have my own language) that side of my bedroom.  
 I found this big guy, which would definitely not match anything we had, but for the price I paid I could paint it and make it into whatever I wanted.
 Here it is painted and it is a massive improvement to the cord chaos we had going on before.  I should have taken a before picture, but I just could not bear the site of it anymore.   Just believe me though the after is way better.  
Once we got it in the room I put the doors back on it, but they stuck out a little more that I liked and I knew we would probably never close them.  So I took them back off and decided to use them for something else.   I turned one into a sign for the wall.  I used some left over beadboard from the kitchen, added some vinyl and distressed it a little.
 The other one I made into a mirror.

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