Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adding character to my boring front room

I am not really sure why home builders find it important to include front rooms.  They are usually connected to something else, like in our case our dining room, they are usually too small to really function as much and they take up square footage that very easily could have been redistributed to other rooms.  I have owned three homes with front rooms and the only thing I have done with each of them is plunk a couch down in them and walk through them occasionally.  I guess I just feel like each room should have a purpose and I can't find my front room's purpose.  It is the neglected room both activity wise as well as creative wise.  So this is what our front room was. 
 Very empty and boring. The table used to be the other direction and there was a lot more room for...??? I tried putting a small couch in there, but it didn't seem to fit right.  I tried moving my office in there, but that just looked cluttered.  So until I figure out what I really want in there (I am thinking built ins, but that may take a little while to get to), I am leaving the front room part empty and just focusing on the dining portion.  Regardless though, it needed something, so I added some character to the walls.
 And we made our own paneling.
Here it is finished with the paint and trim.  I think that helps a lot. That will have to do for now.

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